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PTA Fundraising Update


Our New Clothing Bank
The PTA have a clothing bank located at Hope Chapel on Hope Chapel Hill just opposite school. All donations earn the PTA money. So it's a great way to support us.  This is a trial placement for this year and all funds go straight to the PTA. Please consider donating light weight and high value items to charity shops, as we are paid by the kilo for your donations. 
Please note: We cannot accept pillows, blankets, bedding or curtains. Good quality clothes, paired shoes, bags and belts only. Thank you.
It's easy, convenient and a great way to support the school, so please remember it next time you have a clear out! 


Information on our Current Projects

Our fund raising aim for the next two years will be to raise money to renovate the play equipment in the school playgrounds.  Our fund raising target is £15,000.  Our fundraising goals and directives are usually set by the head teacher and governing body.  


Fundraising Overview

The PTA raises money for equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and the facilities in school. These are the ‘extras’ not provided by the school budget, which make our children’s learning experience so much more fulfilling and exciting.  Our PTA constitution commits us to spending money on things that will benefit the children directly.

Our fundraising project for 2014/2015 was of epic proportions: we pledged to contribute towards the levelling and resurfacing of the school green. And thanks to a monumental team effort of the whole school community we managed to meet our £10,000 target.  You can see the outcome of the resurfacing in many of our outdoor school photos.

Previous fundraising projects included:

  • Funding cookery equipment in conjunction with the Food Group 

  • Funding for our Garden for Life

  • New climbing equipment in the Key Stage 1 play area

As in most schools, the majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. Click here to see the list of Upcoming Events. Previous fund raising events that we have hosted have included: 

  • 'Less meat, more veg' with Jenny Chandler, 
  • an Auction of Talents, 
  • American Supper and Magic Nights, 
  • Brazilian Carnival Soiree,
  • Benita's Olympic length Triathlon,  
  • Pub School Quiz, 

  • The Toy Sale 
  • Clothes recycling, which happens twice a year.  

We also hold termly smaller fundraising events which go directly to teachers to buy resources for their classroom such as specialist craft kits or outdoor toys.

Termly PTA meetings are held at school and all parents are invited to attend.  Parents are the PTA, you do not require membership.  Your help and views are vital and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any ideas about other fundraising possibilities, please email us at: In the past, we have held fundraising evenings which have proved to be a great success and a lot of fun.



The Tree Totaliser

The lower playground has our brilliant fundraising "Tree Totaliser" in it.  The tree was designed and made by artist and fabricator Luise Holder and Amy -Aardvark- Hutchings.  The tree records the PTA fundraising totals with specially cut acrylic leaves.  Each time money is raised, a new leaf is hung on the tree.  Currently, each leaf signifies £90.  This is because we have a £15,000 target at the moment, and there are 165 hooks on the tree.


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