Years 3, 4 and 5: Summer Sing Jubilation Concert

Bristol Beacon Foyer, Wednesday June 15th between 1.15-2.30. All welcome!

Click Below to Get Singing!

'Can You Hear My Voice?' Performance Track

'Can You Hear My Voice?' Backing Track

'I'm Still Singing' Performance Track

'I'm Still Singing' Backing Track 

'How Far I'll Go' Performance Track

'How Far I'll Go' Backing Track

'Learn to Swim' Performance Track 

'Learn to Swim' Backing Track

'Something Inside so Strong' Performance Track

'Something Inside so Strong' Backing Track

'Refuge' Performance Track

'Refuge' Backing Track

'This is My Walking Song' Performance Track

'This is My Walking Song' Backing Track

'Wiggle Jiggle' Performance Track

'Wiggle Jiggle' Backing Track


Cathedral Schools Trust Concert Songs:

'Lean on me' by Bill withers

click here for'Lean on me' lyrics

'Earth' by Hans zimmer

Music at Home

Songs to Sing: 

You can download all songs and lyrics by clicking on the links.


 Hello Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Here are your last songs of the Summer Term. They are upbeat songs with a positive message.


From Katrina and The Waves in 1983:

                             KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Music)          KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Lyrics) 


 From Walt Disney in 1946: 

                             KS1: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Music)           KS2: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Lyrics)

Remember you can listen to previous weeks' songs in the SING UP area at the bottom of the page.

'What If' By Eric Whitacre's Virtual Youth Choir

This song was sung by 2,292 singers aged 18 and under from 80 countries around the world.

Click on the image to be the 2,293rd voice!

'Send Me On My Way' by Rusted Root

Rusted Root (what a great name for a band!) recorded this song in 1992. Does it sound familiar?

That's because it was on the soundtrack for 'Ice Age' and 'Matilda'!

Click on the cover below to get on your way!

'One Day' by Matisyahu

Matisyahu's other name is Matthew. He is a Jewish-American performer who sings reggae, raps, beatboxes.

In this song, he is accompanied by a guitar. I will let the music do the talking...

Click below to be amazed.

Song of the Week To Share:

'Redemption Song' by Bob Marley

'Redemption Song' was released in 1980, forty years ago. Unlike most of Bob Marley's songs, it is a solo acoustic recording;

just a voice and a guitar. It is considered to be one of his greatest works.

Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?

'Stand By Me' by Ben E. King

"I won't be afraid, no, I won't be afraid, just as long as you stand, stand by me."

'Didn't It Rain' by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. Becoming popular in the 1930s and 1940s, her songs had a unique mixture of spiritual lyrics and rhythmic accompaniment. Sister Rosetta was the first great recording star of gospel music, appealed to many audiences and was admired by many musiciansLater, people referred to her as 'the original soul sister' and 'the Godmother of rock and roll'. 

Here she is performing on a rainy train station platform in Manchester, 1964.

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

You may have noticed on Google's homepage today that it would have been Israel's 61st birthday. He was an incredible singer, songwriter and musician from Hawaii whose name means 'the fearless eye' or 'the bold face'. This is a fitting name for Israel because he was shy to go onstage and perform at first. What courage he showed! Israel loved playing Hawaiian folk, jazz and reggae on his ukulele. This song will transport you.

For the animated Google version, click on the rainbow below.

For the official version (with images of Hawaii, Israel and the celebration of his life) click on the picture below this.

'One Call Away' by Charlie Puth

Taking us from 1939 to 2015, this week's song is a good one for family karaoke. It is a gospel-infused pop soul song with an important message about being there for each other. Plus, it's really catchy and mentions Superman! May your singing lift you all, superheros.

Click on the image below to save the day.

'We'll Meet Again' sung by Vera Lynn

Vera is now 103 and was 92 when she topped the album chart in 2009 - the oldest living artist to ever do so! “I think people enjoy it because it speaks to the feeling of separation and the hope of reunion," says Vera about this song.

Click on the image below to begin your singalong. It contains images from World War Two.

'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles

This week's song takes us from 1875 to 1966. It is a family sing-a-long classic which is a good example of what an underwater,  psychedelic lockdown might look like! What would your dream submarine look like? Would you visit an Octopus' Garden?!  Have fun singing and drawing as you imagine life below the waves.

Click on the picture below to begin your aquatic adventure.

'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Greig 

CBBC's Ten Pieces website explains the story in the music:

"Grieg's music drew on the Norwegian folk tunes of his homeland. He wrote many songs and piano miniatures. He was a leading composer of the Romantic era and brought the music of Norway to an international audience.

Grieg's 'Peer Gynt Suite' tells the story of a young boy, Peer Gynt, who falls in love with a girl but is not allowed to marry her. He runs away into the mountains but is captured by trolls who take him to their King. Peer Gynt tries to escape but is chased by the trolls and runs into the troll King but eventually gets away.

Listen out for: The strings that play the sounds of Peer tiptoeing and running to escape. The tiptoeing sound is an effect called pizzicato where string players pluck the strings of their instrument rather than use a bow."

To find out more about this piece of music and see a full orchestra performance, click on this link:

Enjoy the Line Rider version by clicking on the picture below.

Why not create your own to another piece of music on the Ten Pieces website?

'Easy' by Mesadorm

Mesadorm are a Bristol band, made up of five friends who wanted to make music. Their diverse influences come together to make the project something special yet unusual. Matching '70s folk influences against synth pop, electronic production, and the odd indie flourish, Mesadorm are a musical melting pot! This song, 'Easy', celebrates family and togetherness.

Singer Blythe explains: “Easy pokes gentle fun at the myth that life could be, or would be breezy 'if only'. The main focus is family - the struggles we all have there in one way or another, and how we reconcile our desires to break away and our need to stay connected.”

It feels like a very appropriate song for these times! 

Your children already know and love 'Easy' as it has featured in our school assemblies; I can guarantee that you will all be humming it by the end of the week!

Enjoy it by clicking on the picture below. 

Why Not Try...?


Myleene's Music Klass:

Click here to access Myleene's Music Klass.  Classically trained pianist, singer and Classic FM Radio presenter, Myleene Klass, is uploading free short music lessons onto her YouTube channel with the aim of getting young people enthusiastic about music!

If you fancy becoming a mini-Mozart and want to learn some basics about music, including how to read music and understanding rhythm, you can be taken to Myleene's online lessons by clicking here.

Sing Up:

Click here to access Sing Up.  This is a music resource we frequently use in school and Sing Up are offering a collection of free resources to keep children learning and singing outside of school. There are warm-ups and song banks as well as resources to learn Makaton/British Sign Language to accompany well-known songs!

We have also uploaded songs for you to continue to sing along to and learn, if you wish.  

You can download all songs and lyrics by clicking on the links below:

KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Music)                  KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Lyrics)      

KS1: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Music)                  KS2: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Lyrics)

KS1 & KS2: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody (Music)   KS1 & KS2: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody (Backing Track)   

KS1 & KS2: Ain'tGonna Let Nobody (Lyrics)       

KS1 & KS2: True Colours (Music)                      KS1 & KS2: True Colours (Lyrics)

KS1 & KS2: Count On Me (Music)   KS1 & KS2: Count On Me (Music Harmony)   KS1 &  KS2Count On Me (Lyrics)

KS1: One Moment, One People (Music)           KS1: One Moment, One People (Lyrics)

KS2: Something Inside (So Strong) (Music)    KS2: Something Inside (So Strong) (Lyrics)

KS1 & 2: One Call Away (Music)                      KS1 & 2: One Call Away (Lyrics)

KS1 & 2: Filton Fields (Music)                          KS1 & 2: Filton Fields (Lyrics)

KS2: Power in Me (Music)                               KS2: Power in Me (Lyrics)

KS1: Try Your Best (Music)                              KS1: Try Your Best (Lyrics)

KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Music)     KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Lyrics)

KS1: Five Portions a Day (Music)                    KS1: Five Portions a Day (Lyrics)

KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Music)     KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Lyrics)

KS1: My Fantasy Football Team (Music)        KS1: My Fantasy Football Team (Lyrics)

KS2: Touch The Sky (Music)                             KS2: Touch The Sky (Lyrics)

KS1: You Can Do It (Music)                              KS1: You Can Do It (Lyrics)

KS2: Something Just Like This (Music)            KS2: Something Just Like This (Lyrics)



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